“AnaBanana is the highlight of Charlotte’s week. It is literally all she talks about!”
Georgina, Charlotte’s mum.

“Anna is full of fun, energy, interaction, always with a smile on her face. She clearly adores what she does and keeps the children busy and happy every single minute. Highly recommend.”
Vicky, Eleanor and Rose’s nanny.

“My little boy enjoys his AnaBanana sessions so much. He is only 18 months but sings the catchy songs at home, doing the actions and shaking his little tambourine!”
Jan, Rory’s mum.

“We’ve loved each and every session. My baby Teddy is so engaged with you, your singing and your tambourine. We won’t know what to do in the holidays!”
Gemma, Teddy’s mum.

“Thank you for all your energy and enthusiasm in each and every class. Of all the things we have been to you have definitely been the most skilled person at engaging with the kids.”
Jane, Zach’s mum.

“Thank you for all the FUN! Your un-erring enthusiasm is genuinely a boost for us tired mums.”
Louise, Marnie’s mum.

“AnaBanana has always been my little girl’s favourite class. She started when she was 5 months and now at 14 months she still loves it!”
Holly, Flo’s mum.

“Eleni told me she didn’t want to go to playgroup, she wanted to see ‘Ana Nana’… it’s the highlight of her week!”
Claire, Eleni’s mum.

“I can’t think of a better place for Wilf to take his first steps, he loves his AnaBanana sessions.”
Ros, Wilf’s Grandmother.